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Who We Are

Eric & Christina DeVeau are life long gamers that wanted to create a home, a nest if you will, for others in the gaming community right in the heart of Central Connecticut, the place they call home. 

Eric is well versed in Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and Dungeons & Dragons. He is more than willing to teach a new player the ins and outs of the games and to take time to be sure they understand all the mechanics of it before setting them out to play in the wild. His favorite franchises are GI Joe, Aliens, Predator, Lord of the Rings, Godzilla and Star Wars and would love to chat about them with you. His favorite author is Frank Herbert and his favorite artist is Frank Frazetta, whom was a big influence in his life that lead him to become an artist himself. If you stop into The Nest, you'll find him painting, enjoying a game of Magic the Gathering with our players or assisting our players and customers with all their gaming needs.

Chris is a sci-fi and fantasy nerd that has loved Dungeons & Dragons since she can remember.  Chris is also one of the Dungeon Masters at the store and loves weaving tales for her players. She played Magic the Gathering during its infancy and still enjoys a friendly game with friends. Chris' favorite franchises are Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Lord of the Rings and loves the 80s classics Legend & Labyrinth. Her favorite author is Stephen King, whom influenced her to write fantasy and horror stories herself.  Chris loves painting, so if you stop into the store you'll find her painting minis and terrain, creating the stores marketing, maintaining the social media and website or playing Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk and board games with our patrons. 

In their spare time you'll find Eric & Chris enjoying time with their children, dog (Captain Jack Sparrow), cats (Harley Quinn, Arwen & Eowyn), antiquing, watching horror, sci-fi, fantasy and B movies, playing board games and enjoying time with their friends. 

The Dungeon Masters





Check Back Soon for Bio!

Check Back Soon for Bio!

Check Back Soon for Bio!

Check Back Soon for Bio!